Nous sommes ravis de l'opportunité
de faire partie des Jeux Olympiques
une fois de plus !

First prototype of our Graffiti Wall

In 2007, our journey began thanks to
the Vancouver Winter Olympics

Before Vancouver was selected as the host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics, we collaborated with the City of Richmond to create a series of captivating public experiences for the winter festivals.
And that's how our Digital Graffiti Wall came to be.

17 years later and
100s of events under our belt
this is where we are today

Paris 2024 ideas

Graffiti Spotlight: Welcoming Olympians

At the Olympics, as an athlete walks into the arena, a graffiti artist uses a digital spray can to write the athlete's name on a large LED screen. This mix of street art and sports highlights the athlete's moment with a cool, colorful display, making their entrance memorable and unique.

Project reference

Graffiti show

What if we took our screens and turned them into a live canvas for graffiti artists? Picture artists teaming up right there, in the moment, to craft something awesome on a giant digital canvas. It's like mixing a bit of the street vibe with the Olympic spirit. The crowd gets to see a piece of art come to life, step by step, stroke by stroke. It’s all about collaboration, creativity, and showing off what digital street art can do in real-time.

Project reference

Graffiti interactive environment

Picture the boundaries of an arena morphing into an interactive digital display, where attendees' interactions metamorphose into a communal work of art. This real-time exhibit merges singular imagination with group communication, illuminating the venue with fluctuating visuals that adapt with the occasion. It's an enveloping encounter that binds and enthralls, transforming every attendee into a creator and each instant into a mutual remembrance, all while revolutionizing interaction in public arenas at a majestic proportion.

3D Product customization

"Envision stepping into an interactive space where your creativity takes the lead, customizing everything from the latest car models to your favorite energy drink cans on large digital screens. This experience puts the power of personalization right at your fingertips, allowing you to infuse your unique style into products you love. It's more than just selecting colors or patterns; it's about making a personal statement through customization, turning ordinary items into reflections of your individuality.

Project referece

Graffiti park

Embark on a journey where street art transcends visual boundaries, it's fully experienced. Imagine a graffiti stadium, nurtured and materialized beneath an immense overhead dome. In this environment, you're not just a spectator, you're a pioneer. Surrounded by exhibits that stretch from the ground to the heavens, each individual is provided the chance to leave their mark. It's an electronic stadium that encapsulates the pulse of the urban jungle, offering an immersive dip into the world of graffiti artistry. Equipped with a spray can, and free from any distractions, you're empowered to express, uncover, and navigate. This is not merely about witnessing art in progress; it's about pioneering it, collectively.